About Us

We are a home based family run computer service and repair business so we don’t have to pay any overhead associated with leasing, franchise fees, employee comp etc…   We can offer laptop and desktop computer repair and service at a fraction of the cost because our overhead is much less than a best buy next door or a franchise computer store that has to hire people.  Computer repair including laptop hardware repairs is all we do we don’t have any side jobs and that is the reason most of the repairs are done the same day or overnight.  We are open six days a week, Mon-Fri 10-4 p.m. bring your laptop or desktop over we will fix it up right away (assuming parts are available), you don’t have to wait days or weeks for it to be fixed.  There is no charge unless problem is fixed.  There are no diagnostic fees of any type.  We will give you an estimate on the spot before we do any work, check our price list on the top.


We are one of the most affordable computer service and repair businesses in the north suburbs of Chicago, there is no reason not to deal with us if you live within a close proximity.