Price List for Computer Repair

Price list for software and hardware repairs on laptop computers and desktops, some prices are negotiable:

  • No fix no charge for anything.
  • No diagnostic fees of any kind
  • $100 windows reinstall without data backup
  • $100 to get information from a dead laptop or a dead desktop computer, partial info and data recovery (only if your laptop is dead, but hard drive is not damaged or broken)
  • $50 labor to replace anything in your desktop computer (bring replacement parts)
  • $80 labor for motherboard replacement on a laptop, bring your own part or we can order a new one for you
  • $40 keyboard swaps on laptops, bring your own or we can order a new replacement keyboard for you
  • $100 for power jack socket input port replacement on any laptop make and model
  • $50 power button repair, if cables got un-soldered.

$60 flat rate applies to all of the following work, parts are not included

  • LCD LED Monitor swaps
  • LCD Monitor Hinge replacements on laptop computers
  • LCD Monitor Hinge and the LCD Monitor replacements
  • Front (inner) monitor screen plastic bezel replacement
  • Back (outer) monitor screen plastic bezel replacement
  • Front and Back monitor plastic bezel replacements
  • FL Backlight Inverter replacement on the monitor.
  • Upper plastic casing replacement on the laptop itself.
  • Bottom plastic casing replacement on the laptop itself
  • Replacement of the upper and lower plastic casings of laptop body
  • Fan or heat sink replacement on any laptop computer

$20 AC DC Power Adapter / Brick  cord repair.   We also have power ac adapters for sale for any laptop computers $40 stop by and pick one up

$60 soldering of anything, de-soldering of anything from anything, basically if you are local to Chicago and need a perfect soldering job done right, bring whatever you want to solder to us.  We do have hot air rework station on premises so we can work on any surface mounted components (SMDS and Diodes).  Some very simple soldering work that takes few minutes will be much cheaper, soldering prices are negotiable.